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This is a compendium of all the rules currently in place in the guild. We tend to be very relaxed when enforcing them, but there are times when people step over a line and we are forced to step in. As always, we reserve right to implement new rules if need be.


Last updated: September 19, 2012

Guilds Ranks:

Peasant(Initiate) – This is our starter rank. Do not take this rank personally, it is merely a rank every new person gets. You will be promoted from this rank as you interact with the guild and run things with us and after 3 weeks of your trial period. Joining in the Ventrilo craziness is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Comrade(Member) – This is our second rank. This is a rank for friends and family of guild members, as well as those working on attaining the “Raider” rank.

Party Member(Raider) – This is the rank people that regularly attend our 10 or 25 man raids can attain. This rank grants you an extensive amount of guild privileges. Raiders are expected to bring what they need to to raids and be on the ball at all times.

Politburo(Core Members) – Core guild members are people who have been in the guild a very long time and are very respected. While they may not be officers, they should be treated as such because of how close the Core members are with the guild leadership. In order to achieve this rank, we, along with the rest of the guild, must know you quite well, so being a shy wallflower probably is not a good idea :P

General(Officer) – These are the people that help manage the guild. These are the people I have chosen to help me run this guild, I trust them implicitly and they have my full backing in any decision they make. However if you have a problem with one of the officers feel free to approach me about it. It will remain strictly confidential.

Glorious Leader(Guild Master) - Joking title aside, I try to be nice and cordial with everyone I meet, I am able to talk to you and answer any questions and concerns you may have, feel free to toss me a whisper and get to know me, I like to be friends with everyone I play with.


- Please remember at all times that you represent North Korea Best Korea and everyone in it. So your conduct reflects on us. And while we are a bunch of pranksters and trolls at times, there are cross-able lines that we will not tolerate.

- We expect all guild members to act somewhat mature. No spamming guild and other chat channels. If you cross a line and someone asks you too stop please respect their wishes.

- Respect your fellow guildies. This guild is a giant family and while we may joke around with each other a lot, we do not take flat out disrespect kindly.

- If you DO have a problem with another member of the guild. Do not argue with them in guild chat. Take your issue to an officer and if you do not like their resolution to the problem, to the higher ranks of guild leadership. Privately.

- The guild bank is not to fund your flying mounts or your latest alt. It is for raid, raid tools and other things needed for the guild.

- No harassment of any kind will ever be tolerated. This includes over people's gender, religion and sexual orientation. If you are a victim of harassment, report it to us immediately and it will be dealt with as soon as humanly possible.

- Religion, Politics, Racial and Sexual orientation discussions do not belong in guild chat. We don't mind if people broach the topic, but it will be strictly moderated and do not be surprised if it gets shut down fast. We can and will mute people both in guild and on vent if it starts getting too heated.

- Ninja looting. Not tolerable. If you run PUG raids or dungeons with other people, please abide by their rules.

Consequences Of Bad Conduct:

- We generally tend to run on a three strike (or three color of cards) series of rules for handling problems. However, if a problem grows to be large enough, we reserve right to bypass the entire system and just flat out guild kick.

Strike One - Strike one consists of a verbal or text warning from an officer or myself.

Strike Two - Strike two consists of a demotion to the next lowest rank, as well as all officers and myself (if I am not aware of the problem already) being informed of the problem at hand.

Strike Three - Strike three is a guild kick, no exceptions. While it will take a lot to push us to this point, we are not afraid to do it and if the problem is serious enough we will bypass all other steps.

- If you receive any kind of warning from us, take it seriously, because we do not issue them lightly.


- Loot is generally handled by /rolling. HOWEVER if something is a minimal upgrade or is much better for a certain class than we will not hesitate to give it to a different person, this should not cause conflict because we are in this together and if something is given straight away to someone it is generally for the good of the group. We have BIS gear lists, stat priorities and all the like for each class at our fingertips at all times. If you want to know what kind of weighting we put on an item for your class versus others, most of us will give you a flat honest answer about that if asked.

- If you have an issue with how loot is handled, bring it up pre or post raid to an officer or myself. If they do not give you an answer you are happy with, talk to me directly and I will attempt to work it out. However, we will not tolerate whining during the raid about certain pieces of loot.

- Raid slots and the gear handed our during raids are handled by the following people (so if you have any questions, this is who you need to talk to):
Brand - Raid leader
- AFKing during raids except at certain designated times is not tolerable. However, we do understand that kids, pets, house fires and other things do happen. So emergency AFKs are allowed, but too many of them may result in you getting kicked from the raid.

- Again, we do have designated break times. So things like bathroom, food, smoking and all that stuff should be done before the raid or at the right time. Three nights a week and 3 hours of raid time blocks isn't anything particularly crazy or insane, so we expect your full, undivided attention.

- Do not whine about wipes on a boss. We understand that it can get grating at times, but if you whine about consistently wiping, do not be surprised to see yourself replaced. We are all in this together.

- We expect people to be online 15 minutes or so before the raid. Showing up consistently “late” or right on the button is not very endearing for us, especially if you are not prepared for the raid.

- Study the fights. We have very in-depth guides to all of them as well as links to videos. There is also the dungeon journal. Coming to a fight and asking “What does this boss do?” is completely unacceptable. NEVER be afraid to ask questions. We would rather you ask and us have to explain it than for you to assume that you don't need an explanation.

- BOEs will be given out by the officers (or sold to go to repairs and materials for raiding) as we see fit. Please do not whine and cry if we decide to sell something that is a minimal upgrade for you (or not at all).

- Constant disconnections may force us to replace you.

- Repair before the raid. One day of dailies will generally cover your repairs for the night. Raiders (and higher) also get guild repairs.